New warehouse of Smile Logistix is opened in Moscow

15 Apr 2016

On April 15, new warehouse of Smile Logistix in Tomilino (Moscow region) was opened. New warehouse will treat main distribution center  company JTI, with products which will be shipped to the regions of Russia in many of which Smile Logistix and JTI already successfully cooperate.

This project is a logical continuation of the development and deepening of partnership between the two companies.

Top management both companies took part in event. From the Smile Logistix - executive director  Alexander Gutekulov and commercial director Dmitry Ovsyannikov. From the JTI - Logistics Director Natalia Vodolazova, head of distribution Elena Mungalova, heads of structural divisions of the company.

According to Natalia Vodolazova company JTI chosen Smile Logistix  as a reliable partner that has proven itself in the regions. Material was taken as soon as possible, at the same time during the movement receipt and shipment of goods to regional warehouses JTI will not be stopped.
Alexander Gutekulov, - "We are pleased that the company JTI entrusted us with another project, I believe that Smile Logistix will meet all expectations of our partner. Thanks team of Smile Logistix, which has made every possible and impossible effort for this project, without stopping the process of the work of other warehouses. "

Project with the world's leading manufacturer JTI tobacco products, is another successful project this year. Both sides considered the project is very promising and plan to strengthen their cooperation in the future.

About JTI

JTI The company is part of the Japan Tobacco Group of Companies (JT), and is one of the world's leading manufacturers of tobacco products. JTI headquartered located in Geneva (Switzerland). The company conducts business in more than 120 countries, and its staff includes about 27 000 employees. The main revenue JTI for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2014, amounted to 11, $ 9 billion.  In the Russian market, the company is represented by four factories - Petro in St. Petersburg, Kress Neva in the Leningrad region and JTI Elets in the Lipetsk region. The total number of JTI employees in Russia is about 5,000 people. For more information, please visit the company

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